Lock-Deck Laminated Decking Sloped Roofs


Thermal Resistance

Decking will normally require additional insulation to meet today’s energy codes. Rigid insulation or structural insulated panels can be installed over the decking to provide the desired insulating capacity.

Thermal Resistance Calculation (R) For Laminated Roof Deck Systems

Insulation Thermal Resistance Calculation for Laminated Roof Deck Systems Lock-Deck

Decking Thermal Resistance – R1

Insulation Decking Thermal Resistance R1 Lock-Deck Laminated Decking
1R = Total thermal resistance of the assembly without roofing or air film resistance.

Examples of Typical Roof Assemblies

Roof Slopes Over 4:12

Insulation Typical Roof Assemblies Over 4-12 Lock-Deck Laminated Decking

Roof Slopes Under 4:12

Insulation Typical Roof Assemblies Under 4-12 Lock-Deck Laminated Decking

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